Watch Out Event Safaris

Your safari consultancy for an ecological, sustainable and authentic approach to the treasures of the Tanzanian wilderness!


Let us make your Tanzania experience an Event!

Watch Out Event Safaris is a Travel Consultancy that relies on close cooperation with Tanzanian companies like  Africa Porini or Shimbwe Tours, which are registered local companies. They will provide your safari car and tour guide.

Our focus lies on improving our service as well as the skills of our guides at any time which is why we carry out regular workshops and training on customer service, hygiene, safety, environmental responsibility, soft skills and much more.

Authenticity is most important to us, which is why all the work is being done in Tanzania and all our products in use, even during your safari are produced in Tanzania. Also we promise that all the profits go directly to our workers and to the communities we are visiting and working with.

And of course we want you to feel as safe as possible in our country. We installed a 24h-Emergency Hotline where you can reach one of us in case of a emergency.


With Watch Out Event Safaris we want you to become part of the Tanzanian culture, the lifestyle and to get a closer approach to the local community.


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